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Resolution or Reinvention - Goodbye 2016

2016 has been one hell of a year.  As a GenX kid we have lost so many exciting artists this year it makes you think about your own immortality and as this year comes to a close I find myself thinking about the word "resolution" what it really means to me is "reinvention."  Something everyone on the planet does on January one, is think about the things you want to change or improve in the new year.  A chance to start over, fix things, move forward.  But don't we really do that every day? Every morning I set a goal for the day, so is it ambitious to set a goal for the whole year? Not really, reinvention is something that happens over time so it takes time.  

When we started this year we had no idea where it would end. We aren't fortune tellers, we are people with dreams and hopes for the things we want to accomplish. We wanted to grow our business.  We wanted to sell products that reached people like us, people who knew who #DavidBowie was #jeangenie #spaceoddity. And people who understood that the 80's music scene was a time of so many artists reshaping the music industry for the rest of our lives #prince #blackcelebration #checkyourhead #violator #notorious.  We strived to enhance our customer experience by helping people relive a time in their past, and ours, that was fun, exciting, and left us feeling that the future is so bright, you would need to wear shades :) #wlir

Then we felt that if our customers related to the 80's music scene, they probably relate to other things from our time growing up that seemed taboo. In comes the legalization of canabis in over 30 states. Now millions of people suffering from disease and illness that don't want to use government controlled prescription medication and use what has been so taboo for generations and generations #basicgreen #pothead #makeamericagreenagain #greenday #teeparty #socialweedia.

This year we lost #DavidBowie, #Prince, #GeorgeMichael, #CarrieFisher, #GaryShandling #thedadfromgrowingpains and so many other iconic artists that we grew up with, so who's to blame for the loss of so many giants? You can blame 2016 for the loss of these giants, you can blame drugs they did in their past, or you can just blame time.

Time is the killer, that #bandit is on the warpath this year and every year to clear the path for new icons to emerge. #doughboy #banditcap. So who thinks there are new icons out there to help shape the new generation? I for one don't think there are any coming, I know that may sound depressing but I really feel that everything has been invented already, which leads us to our New Years "Reinvention."

What is our "reinvention?" I don't know yet, only time will tell. 

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